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Helene M. Courtois
Head of the cosmology-Euclid group at IPNL
Assoc Prof. Univ of Lyon France / Affiliate researcher IFA Hawaii
PhD Astrophysics, 1995

4 rue Enrico Fermi - La Doua
69622 Villeurbanne Cedex, France

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co-PI of Cosmic Flows observational program
co-PI of CLUES cosmological simulations
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Decouverte du superamas Laniakeaa

La revue 'Nature" du 4 septembre consacre la decouverte de notre super-continent
de galaxies par sa couverture, un editorial, un supplement special "News & Views"
et une video deja vue par plus de 2.5 Millions de personnes et est devenue la Top 1 des videos Nature..

Mapping the large-scale structure of the nearby region of the Universe is important for several reasons. First, it reveals details of the large-scale cosmic structures that surround the Milky Way. These details are nearly impossible to observe for systems far away from Earth. Second, the morphology of the nearby Universe is essential for a precise determination of cosmological parameters such as the density of dark energy, which is thought to drive the acceleration of the expanding Universe. Third, examination of cosmic structures around the Milky Way will help us to understand how the Galaxy formed and evolved, and galaxy formation processes in general.
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