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Start date: Feb. 2007
GBT total allocated:
   over 1000 hours
Parkes total allocated:
   over 200 hours
   07A039, 07C067,
   08A072, 08B041,
   08C010, Parkes
   P660, 10A059
Spitzer Proposal 80072
   Cycle-8 recommended
   200 hrs observing time
Wise 11-ADAP11-0252
ROSES-2011-ADAP FY2012




September 2014 News : Laniakea : Our supercluster of galaxies

   Access data: Extragalactic Distance Database
       EDD: select catalog “All Digital HI”
   Data-products description:
       Courtois, et al. 2009, AJ, 138, 1938
       Courtois, et al. 2011, MNRAS, 414, 2005
       Courtois, et al. 2011, MNRAS, 415, 1935

    Large Program on Green Bank Telescope:
    PI:  Hélène Courtois, Université Lyon 1
    Collaborators: R. Brent Tully, J. Richard Fisher, D. Makarov, I. Karachentsev, S. Mitronova, B. Koribalski, R. Kraan-Korteweg

    Cosmic Flows with Spitzer & WISE:
    PI: R. Brent Tully, UH Institute for Astronomy
    Collaborators: Hélène Courtois, E. Shaya, T. Jarrett, W. Freedman, B. Madore, E. Persson, M. Seibert

  • Project Description:
    Galaxies acquire motions that deviate from the universal expansion through gravitational interactions on a wide range of scales. The radial component of these deviant motions can be mapped with accurate measurements of distances. One of a variety of ways to measure distances makes use of the correlation between the luminosities of galaxies and their rotation rates. With appropriate photometric and spectroscopic information, the method can be applied to a majority of spiral galaxies. Samples of many thousands of galaxies can be acquired, giving the dense spatial coverage required to study the streams and eddies in the Cosmic Flow.

    Information about galaxy rotation rates is derived from observations of global 21cm Hydrogen line profiles. Data are accumulated at a variety of telescopes to assure full sky coverage but foremost in importance for the project is the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) because of its sensitivity and access to most of the sky. The Cosmic Flows Large Program on GBT is our most important source of new galaxy line profile information. Galaxies in the extreme south are observed from Australia at the CSIRO Parkes Observatory.

    A tremendous advance in optical band photometry is being realized as observations commence with the newly commissioned wide-field imaging facility Pan-STARRS in Hawaii. Mid-infrared imaging photometry is equally important. Studies are under way with data acquired from two space satellite programs: Cosmic Flows with Spitzer and Cosmic Flows with WISE.

    The Extragalactic Distance Database (EDD) has been developed to give access to the diverse information involved with the measurement of galaxy distances. The results of observations made during the course of this program will be made available within the catalog ‘All Digital HI’ in EDD. Original optical photometry is made available in EDD through the catalog ‘Hawaii Photometry’.

  • Publications

 MNRAS accepted arxiv.1311.2253
Simulations of the Local Universe Constrained by Observational Peculiar Velocities
J.G. Sorce, H.M. Courtois, S. Gottloeber, Y. Hoffman, R.B Tully

 2013 AJ 146 , 86
Cosmicflows-2: the data
R.B. Tully, H.M. Courtois, A.E. Dolphin, J.R. Fisher, P. Heraudeau , B.A. Jacobs, I.D. Karachentsev, D. Makarov, L. Makarova, S. Mitronova, L.Rizzi, E.J. Shaya, J.G. Sorce, P. Wu

 Astrophysical Bulletin, 2013, Vol.68, No. 3, pp. 243-252
Star Formation in Nearby Isolated Galaxies
I.D.Karachentsev, V.E.Karachentseva, O.V.Melnyk, H.M.Courtois

 2013 AJ 146, 69
Cosmography of the Local Universe
H.M. Courtois, D. Pomarede, R.B. Tully, Y. Hoffman, D. Courtois

 2013 MNRAS 433 751
Bimodality of galaxy disk central surface brightness distribution in the Spitzer 3.6 microns band
J. Sorce, H.M. Courtois, K. Seth, R.B. Tully

 2013 ApJ.765..94
Calibration of the mid-infrared Tully-Fisher relation
J.G. Sorce, H.M. Courtois, R.B. Tully, W. Freedman, B. Madore, et al.

 2013 MNRAS.430.0912
Reconstructing cosmological initial conditions from galaxy peculiar velocities. III. Constrained simulations
T. Doumler,  S. Gottloeber, Y. Hoffman, H.M. Courtois

 2013 MNRAS.430..902
"Reconstructing cosmological initial conditions from galaxy peculiar velocities. II. The effect of observational errors"
T. Doumler, H.M. Courtois, S. Gottloeber, Y. Hoffman

 2013 MNRAS.430..888
"Reconstructing cosmological initial conditions from galaxy peculiar velocities. I. Reverse Zeldovich Approximation"
T. Doumler, Y. Hoffman, H.M. Courtois, S. Gottloeber

Anatomy of Ursa-Major
I.D. Karachentsev, O.G. Nasonova, H.M. Courtois

The mid-infrared Tully-Fisher relation: calibration of the SNIa scale
 J.G. Sorce, R.B. Tully, H.M. Courtois

2012 AN....333..436C
Cosmic Flows surveys and CLUES simulations
H. M. Courtois and R. B. Tully

2012 ApJ...749..174C
Cosmicflows-2: Type Ia Supernova Calibration and H0
Courtois, H.M.; Tully, R.B.

2012 ApJ...749...78T
Cosmicflows-2: I-band Luminosity - HI Linewidth Calibration
Tully, R.B.; Courtois, H.M.

3D Velocity and Density Reconstructions of the Local Universe with Cosmicflows-1
H.M. Courtois, Y. Hoffman, R.B. Tully, S. Gottlober,

2012, ApJ 744, 43 

  • Cosmic flows: University of Hawaii 2.2-m I-band photometry
    H.M. Courtois, R.B. Tully, P. Héraudeau
    2011, MNRAS.415.1935C

    Cosmic Flows: Green Bank Telescope and Parkes H I Observations
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    Cosmic Flows
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    Fast motions of galaxies in the Coma I cloud: a case of Dark Attractor?
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    The Local Void is Really Empty
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    The Local Velocity Anomaly
    R.B. Tully

    Our Peculiar Motion away from the Local Void
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    Derivation of Distances with the Tully-Fisher Relation: The Antlia Cluster
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    Distances in the Local Universe:
    New HI and I Band Surveys

    H.M. Courtois, R.B. Tully, J.R. Fisher
    2007, BAAS, 38, 330