Jerome Margueron, Dr.


My research activity is focused on the theoretical description of dense matter systems such as atomic nuclei, neutron stars, and supernovae. The knowledge in this field highly depends on the possibility to extract tight constraints from nuclear physics experiments on Earth as well as from the observation of stars. It requires the development of new modeling and analysis of experimental and observational data.

One of my main tool is the nuclear many-body theory, and various version of it, including or not relativity, as well as different levels of phenomenology.

I am interested in the properties of the crust o neutron stars, which is supposed to be formed of a Coulomb lattice of nuclei embedded in the superfluid neutron gas. Another interesting aspect is the prediction of the dense matter equation of state and its applications to the properties of neutron stars and super-novae core-collapse issue. There, both static (equation of state) and dynamic (electro-weak reactions) microphysics plays an important role. A key ingredient is the neutrino emissivity from proto-neutron stars just after bounce.


Research interest

neutron stars, core-collapse supernovae, pulsars, x-ray bursts, neutron tar cooling, giant glitches, superfluidity, pairing re-entrance, quantum many-body theory for finite nuclei, exotic nuclei, bubble nuclei, hyper-exotic nuclei.