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PhD student position

The Tritium Laboratory Karlsruhe is looking for a physicist in the KATRIN experiment (PhD position, 60%, 3 years)

The candidate will be in duty for the operation of the windowless gaseous tritium source, covering both the scientific aspects and the technological aspects. The candidate will participate in the KATRIN measurement runs and will be responsible for the determination of systematic uncertainties related to the tritium source of KATRIN. In addition, the candidate will participate in the scientific analysis of the KATRIN measurement data.

The candidate should have a good knowledge in vacuum technology. Experience in gas handling and in data analysis is of advantage. The qualification to work with tritium in an controlled area is a pre-condition.

One doctoral researcher is already working in this field since more than 1.5 years. The candidate will work together with that person.

The doctoral thesis supervisor will be Prof. Dr. Guido Drexlin.

Application link (language in German)

The position is open to the 24th of April (original deadline of April, 3rd was extended).

Interested physicists should contact the TLK KATRIN group leader Dr. Michael Sturm for further information.