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Spinning (in) a Cosmic Spiderweb

Mark Neyrinck

régulier - le 10 mai 2019 à 14 h 00
Mark Neyrinck studies the cosmic web, its effect on galaxies, and its importance cosmologically. In addition to scientific work, he is interested in collaborations and comminglings of art and science. He earned his PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2005, after which he has been a researcher at the University of Hawaii, Johns Hopkins University, then briefly at l’Institut d’Astrphysique de Paris and the University of Durham, and is now an Ikerbasque Fellow in Bilbao, Spain.

Artists and scientists have noted the visual similarity between the cosmic web and other networks in nature. I will mention a rigorous physical correspondence between the cosmic web, in a formalism called the adhesion model, and architectural structures known as spiderwebs (networks of strands that can exist entirely in tension), and also to origami. Investigations of the adhesion model led to new work on how galaxies acquire angular momentum, through angular-momentum "conservation" (in a particular comoving sense) within evolving primordial patches. The standard tidal-torque theory of galaxy spin-up is an approximation to this picture, and many of its predictions are similar. But in some respects, the proposed picture is more accurate and (arguably) more conceptually intuitive.


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