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Clotilde Gaillard

Situation actuelle : Chargé de recherches au CNRS (CR1)

e-mail :

Téléphone : 04 72 43 14 64

Bureau : 412 - IPNL

Dernières publications :

- C. Gaillard, I. Billard, A. Chaumont, G. Wipff, S. Mekki, A. Ouadi, M.A. Denecke, G. Moutiers : “Europium(III) and its halides in room temperature imidazolium based ionic liquids : A combined TRES, EXAFS and molecular dynamics study”, Inorganic Chemistry, 44 (2005) 8355.

- A. Froideval, M. Del Nero, C. Gaillard, R. Barillon, I. Rossini, J.L. Hazemann : “Uranyl sorption species at low coverage on Al-hydroxide : TRLFS and XAFS studies”, Geochimica and Cosmochimica Acta, 70 (2006) 5270.

- C. Gaillard, A. Chaumont, I. Billard, C. Hennig, A. Ouadi, G. Wipff“Uranyl coordination in ILs : the competition between IL anions, uranyl counterions and Cl- anions investigated by EXAFS, UV-vis spectroscopies and MD simulations”, Inorganic Chemistry, 46 (2007) 4815.

- I. Billard, C. Gaillard, C. Hennig : “Dissolution of UO2, UO3 and of some lanthanide oxides in BumimTf2N : effect of acid and water and formation of UO2(NO3)3−”, Dalton Transactions, 2007, 4214.

- A. Ouadi, O. Klimchuk, C. Gaillard, I. Billard“Solvent extraction of U(VI) by task specific ionic liquids bearing phosphoryl groups”, Green Chemistry, 9 (2007) 1160.

- S. Stumpf, I. Billard, C. Gaillard, P.J. Panak, K. Dardenne “TRLFS and EXAFS investigations of lanthanide and actinide complexation by triflate and perchlorate in an ionic liquid“, Radiochimica Acta, 96 (2008) 1.

- S. Stumpf, I. Billard, C. Gaillard, P. Panak, K. Dardenne : “Time-Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Extended X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Investigations of the N3− Complexation of Eu(III), Cm(III), and Am(III) in an Ionic Liquid : Differences and Similarities”, Inorganic Chemistry, 47 (2008) 4618.

- I. Billard, C. Gaillard : “Actinide and Lanthanide speciation in imidazolium-based ionic liquids”, Radiochimica Acta, 97 (2009) 355.

- S. Georg, I. Billard, A. Ouadi, C. Gaillard, L. Petitjean, M. Picquet and V. Solov’ev“First determination of successive complexation constants in a ionic liquid : Complexation of UO22+ with NO3- in C4-mimTf2N studied by UV-vis spectroscopy”, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114 (2010) 4276.

- C. Gaillard, A. Chaumont, I. Billard, C. Hennig, A. Ouadi, S. Georg, G. Wipff“Competitive complexation of uranyl with nitrates and chlorides in a room temperature ionic liquid“, Inorganic Chemistry, 49 (2010) 6484.

- S.Gavarini, R. Bes, N. Millard-Pinard, S.Cardinal, C. Peaucelle, A. Perrat-Mabilon, V. Garnier, C. Gaillard :“A comparative study of TiN and TiC : oxidation resistance and retention of xenon at high temperature and under degraded vacuum”, Journal of Applied Physics, 109 (2011) 014906.

- I. Billard , A. Ouadi, C. Gaillard : “Liquid/liquid extraction of actinides, lanthanides and fission products in ionic liquids : from discovery to understanding”, Sous presse, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry