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Cosmic Flows Project

Cosmic Flows Project

Galaxies acquire motions that deviate from the universal expansion through gravitational interactions on a wide range of scales. The radial component of these deviant motions can be mapped with accurate measurements of distances. One of a variety of ways to measure distances makes use of the correlation between the luminosities of galaxies and their rotation rates. With appropriate photometric and spectroscopic information, the method can be applied to a majority of spiral galaxies. Samples of many thousands of galaxies can be acquired, giving the dense spatial coverage required to study the streams and eddies in the Cosmic Flow.

Mapping the large-scale structure of the
nearby region of the Universe is important for
several reasons. First, it reveals details of the
large-scale cosmic structures that surround the
Milky Way. These details are nearly impossible
to observe for systems far away from Earth.
Second, the morphology of the nearby Universe
is essential for a precise determination
of cosmological parameters such as the density
of dark energy, which is thought to drive the
acceleration of the expanding Universe. Third,
examination of cosmic structures around the
Milky Way will help us to understand how
the Galaxy formed and evolved, and galaxyformation
processes in general.

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