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Phenomenology of Hadrons and Hadronic Matter

These group activities can be divided into two parts ; structure and interaction of hadrons, and hadronic matter under extreme conditions. Ordering the activities by increasing energy, these two parts include

- Nuclei under extreme conditions (J. Meyer and K.Bennaceur)
- Hadrons in dense and/or hot nuclear matter : (G.Chanfray, D. Davesne, M.Ericson and H. Hansen)
- Electromagnetic production of strangeness on nucleons, low energy kaon-nucleon interactions (C.Fayard)
- Neutrino-nucleon cross-sections (G Chanfray, M Ericson)
- Hadronic physics of heavy quarks (A.Deandrea)
- Jets from polarised quarks and electromagnetic radiation from relativistic electrons (X. Artru)

Symmetries, Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model

These group activities include :

- String theory, supergravity (S. Hohenegger, D. Tsimpis)
- Dynamic systems : supersymmetries and quantum chaos (F.Gieres and M.Kibler)
- (Beyond-the) Standard Model studies :
— of models of supersymmetry and extra dimensions, and phenomenology via effective field theories (G Cacciapaglia, S Davidson,A.Deandrea)
— at colliders, and in precision and flavour physics of leptons and quarks (S.Fleck, A.Deandrea and S Davidson, G Cacciapaglia)
— astroparticle physics:dark matter and baryogenesis (A Arbey, G Cacciapaglia, S Davidson,A.Deandrea)