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  • [in2p3-01063464] Probing the pairing interaction through two-neutron transfer reactions

    19 avril, par (M. Grasso), M. Grasso
    We analyze two-neutron transfers in nuclei within a mean-field approach. We first show that the response associated with pairing excitations can be affected by the surface/volume localization of the employed effective pairing interaction. Then, ground-state-to-ground-state transitions are (...)
  • [in2p3-01137677] Heat capacity of low density neutron matter : from quantum to classical regimes

    19 avril, par (A. Pastore), A. Pastore
    The heat capacity of neutron matter is studied over the range of densities and temperatures prevailing in neutron-star crusts, allowing for the transition to a superfluid phase at temperatures below some critical temperature $T_sf$ and including the transition to the classical limit. Finite (...)
  • [in2p3-00384551] Non-empirical pairing energy functional : lowest-order calculation

    19 avril, par (T. Duguet), T. Duguet
    The nuclear Energy Density Functional (EDF) approach is used to study medium-mass and heavy nuclei in a systematic manner [1]. Even though currently used EDFs provide a satisfactory description of low-energy properties of known nuclei, their empirical character and the spreading of the results (...)
  • [in2p3-01063466] Superheavy magic nuclei in Relativistic Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory

    19 avril, par (J. Li), J. Li
    The occurrence of the spherical shell closures in superheavy nuclear systems is explored within the relativistic Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (RHFB) theory with density- dependent meson-nucleon couplings. We use the two-nucleon gaps δ2n(p) and pairing gaps Δv(π) to characterize the shell effects. The (...)
  • [in2p3-00838514] Superheavy magic structures and relativistic pseudo-spin symmetry

    19 avril, par (J. J. Li), J. J. Li
    We have explored the occurrence of the spherical shell closures for superheavy nuclei in the framework of the relativistic Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (RHFB) theory and the shell effects in terms of two-nucleon gaps $\delta_2n(p)$. Although the results depend slightly on the forces used, the (...)

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